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Land a job.

Find love.

Build a family.

Be good. Whatever that means!

Some would argue that these are the universally accepted #lifegoals. But some people have a really hard time determining what they want out of life and if they have what it takes to get there. Who you are is how you build. And my goal is to help individuals think deeply about who they are, where they want to go, and what they need to do to get there.

Beautiful buildings crumble on shaky foundations.

Humans are no different.

Let’s help them build – together.



Promote growth. Inspire change.

Everyone should grow.  Some people just need to change all together. Our mission is help individuals determine where they fall on that spectrum, and assist them on their journey to being better. By combining theory and real life, we hope to arm prospective, current, and recently graduated students with the tools they need to   enhance their skills in some of the following areas*:


Emotional Intelligence

Life Planning

Personal Development


Career Development

I started college when I was a kid.

No – I was not a child prodigy; I was tagging alongside my father who enrolled in college as a non-traditional student. Though I didn’t understand what they were talking about, I loved attending his study groups and tutoring sessions.  There was something about being on a college campus that just felt…right.


While he was learning what he needed to successfully complete his degree, I was learning what I needed to successfully start my life. I had a front row seat to the power of focus, discipline, and hard work. I learned that people have the capacity to move beyond their circumstances – to develop – to grow – to change.

I knew then that some how, some way, I had to be a part of helping people meet reach their fullest potential.  


The older I got, the more I realized that education is the key to economic and social mobility. So it only made sense for my first job out of high school to be on a college campus. I’ve been working with college students ever since.

Over the past 15 years, I served thousands of prospective, current, and recently graduated college students from all walks of life. One thing became abundantly clear: the most important lessons in college can’t be found in a textbook.

Now, I focus on guiding people through deep reflection and authentic conversation with the hopes that they will achieve, excel, and thrive in school, relationships, and life.


"Carla has a natural ability to inform and inspire others with her thought provoking stories, intentional choice of words, questions that evoke self reflection and humor. I'm most impressed with Carla's ability to masterfully engage audiences in critical conversations that are impactful and long lasting.  Truly a gifted speaker."

Evelyn - Student Affairs Professional

"As a facilitator of a leadership development program at my institution, I had the pleasure of having Carla come speak to our group about the importance of our own personal mindsets. Throughout the presentation, Carla was informative, engaging and thoughtful. However, the real joy came from hearing my participants comments after the presentation was completed.  They shared stories of feeling inspired, understood, and rejuvenated. This is Carla’s best talent. This is the mark of an amazing, effective speaker." 

Chanda - Organizational Development & Human Resources Professional


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